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    From all of the requests each day to view properties for sale on the westside of Los Angeles, the vast majority of inquiries come from people searching for homes in Malibu.  It is certainly not surprising that people from all over the world are interested in the charming elite beach town that is like no other.  Although the city is home to some of the most exquisite properties in the world, visitors to Malibu often comment on the openness and friendliness of local residents.  There is just something about Malibu – a combination of beach town, small town, horse country, and exclusive resort communities –  just a short drive to Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, and Hollywood.

    The city of Malibu stretches 27 miles and includes both beach and mountain properties.  Prime areas within the city include:

    Broad Beach

    Perhaps the most coveted beach front property in Malibu, Broad Beach is 1.1 mile of beach – with 100 homes that enjoy private beach access.

    Serra Retreat

    This spectacular section of Malibu Beach feels like a private resort community.  Like most of Malibu, the area is limited to a minimal number of residents, with only 100 large lots and stunning homes.  The area is wooded and private and one of Malibu’s gorgeous horse communities. Although the entrance to Serra Retreat is directly off of PCH, it feels as though it is a million miles away from the hustle of the city. This area is truly a gem.

    Malibu Colony

    The Malibu Colony is the city’s most famous beach areas.  One of the first beach front areas to opened up to in the 1920s, the area was developed by May Rindge, who fught hard to protect this prime beach front property throughout her life. The most famous section of beach in all of Malibu, the name originated as the “Malibu Beach Motion Picture Colony” in the 1920’s, as many celebrities rented the homes built on the beach in this guard gated community. The area continues to be one of the most sought after beach front areas in the city.

    Malibu Road

    Two and a half miles in the heart of Malibu, Malibu Road has access to large acreage estates on the mountain side of the street, and large beach homes on the beach side.

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